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Process & Design

Plastic part transformation and decoration require specific processes. Each part respects specific design rules depending of the transformation process.

The design, the functionality & the esthetics have to be industrialized, they require a decorating process, a printing process, & a forming process.

• Injection - Extrusion - Thermoforming - IML IMD - Sealing

• Lithographie impression - Tampography - Serigraphie - Hot marking

• Lazer - Engraving - Polymiroir

• Sheet metal Folding - Steel Machining


To answer product requirements, various elements can be integrated into the design. We have to take into account the manufacturing capacity and the interaction with the surrounding elements. Many pieces can make up a design :

• Sheet metal and CEM shield • Cupper conductor & wire

• Security element • Printer • LED • Card reader

• LCD & touch panel • Keypad • FPC • Connector

• Battery • Swipe • Antenna • PCB and electric componant

PCB integration on product devices require knowledge in PCB process rules and the capacity to communicate with PCB designers.

The product designer manages and draws the position & size of elements on PCB and distance with elements around. He is in charge of giving as much information to the PCB designer as possible.

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