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Bringing ideas to life

Specializing in Plastics, Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design for over 10 years, I have experience in delivering innovative solutions that answer my clients' needs. I take pride in bringing abstract ideas to life, whether it be through Product Design, Tool-ready CAD, Product Prototyping, Supplier Sourcing & Management, or even managing the entire project from scratch.

It has always made sense to me to help entrepreneurs & project leaders innovate by guiding them through their product strategy, all the way to planning the After Sales support.

I make sure the project runs smoothly, always keeping in mind the client's specifications, costs, delays, and of course, quality.

My clients know me as a flexible and detail-oriented straight shooter, and that is why so many of them, including Catspad and Wizzili, refer their business partners to me.



Creativity - Drawing - Dimensional line - Plastic part molding - Project reporting - Product architecture - 3D CAD design - Mechanical part design - FMEA analysis - Prototyping - Industrialization design - Project management - Supplier management - Material - Electrical element integration - BOM - DFM - Clips - Transform CAD part in industrial element - Other technical exchange
3D volume module - Assembly - 2D surfacing - Sheet metal - Ecad/Mcad integration - Drawing
PDM - Windchill
CPK capability - Six Sygma - Metrologie - DFM
FMEA - Ichikawa (5M) - PERT - Pareto

I wil be there for any of the following steps of your development, or I can manage the project from A to Z.


Industrial product design & creation


Tool-ready CAD


Prototype project management


Support in supplier sourcing & management


Industrial product design & creation from A to Z



Let’s schedule a call ! I will take my time and answer your questions related to your product, your design, rules of conception, your industrial strategy and your product strategy, supplier management, along with what may be holding you back.


I am available to guide you and offer you my feedback based on my experience. No engagement is required, I’m happy to learn more about your project.

Would you like to discuss your project ?

+33 6 65 69 63 32

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