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Specialized in plastic and other mechanical engineering, For 5 years, I have been involved in project management and product design to meet the customer's needs. I have worked for various industries like medical, card reader, power managing, military, electronics. My main role is to ensure the development of a project and product, respecting specification, quality, cost & delays, to propose technical solution and attractive design.

From concept
To Realization



I give you my help in your Product development, Project management & New concept. In the realization of esthetic, ergonomic & functional design.

Small or Serial production, prototype or functional concept, I accompany you in your project and help you to develop and grow your business.

I will be present in any of your development step or the totality of your project development, from the concept to your realization.

I take your 3D CAD from your plan - help you in your concept realization - Draw - make your design - Manage supplier and laboratory - realize your prototype - make design for your industrialization - Manage your project.


Creativity - Drawing - Dimensional line - Plastic part molding - Project reporting - Plastic part molding - Product architecture - 3D CAD design - Mechanical part design - FMEA analysis - Prototyping - Industrialisation design - Project management - Supplier management - Material - Electrical element integration - BOM - DFM - Clips - Transforme CAD part in industrial element - Other technical exchange


Process & design

Plastic part transformation and decoration require some specific process. Each part respects specific design rules depending of transformation process.

Visual, Functionality & Esthetic have to be industrializable, require decorating process, printing process, forming process.

  • Injection - Extrusion - Thermoforming - IML IMD - Sealing

  • Lithographie impression - Thampographie - Serigraphie - Hote marking

  • Lazer - Engraving - Polymiroir

  • Sheet metal Folding - Steel Machining


To answer product requirement different elements can be integrated in the design. We have to take care of the manufacturing capacity and the interaction of all the with elements around. Lot of elements can compose the design:

  • Sheet metal and CEM shield

  • Cupper conductor & wire

  • Security element

  • Printer

  • LED

  • Card reader

  • LCD & touch panel

  • Keypad

  • FPC

  • Connector

  • Battery

  • Swipe

  • Antenna

  • PCB and electric componant

PCB integration on product device require knowledge in PCB process rules and capability to communicate with PCB designer.

The product designer manage and draw the position & size of elements on PCB and distance with elements around. He is in charge to give as much a information to PCB designer.

Test & Qualification

Concept, Design, Prototyping, Industrialization , Testing & Qualification, constitute the product development process.

Testing a product, a prototype for functionals analysis is inescapable for product validation and Qualify.

Test can be made for validation of functionality, industrializability, living, security:

  • Manufacturing Assembling, Manufacturing bonding, Process test

  • Manufacturing capability (CPk)

  • Manufacturing Metrologique dimension

  • Functional test, Oven test, Humidity, Hamp heat, UV test

  • Climatic condition, climatic test, Ageing process

  • Functional qualification, drop test, IK test, scratch test, signature test


  • 3D volume module - Assembly - 2D surfacing - Sheet metal - Ecad/Mcad integration - Drawing

  • PDM - Windchill

  • Xmind - TRIZ - 6 chapeaux - Brainstorming - Jugaad - SCAMPER - MindMaping - Brainwriting - Creative problem solving - QQOQCCP

  • 3D printing - Stereolithography - Plastic machining - Laser cuting - Dremel - Arduino - Tampography

  • Value analysis - Gant - MS Project - Word - One Note - Power Point - Excel - ScreenSpresso - Orchestra - SAP - Symphony - BOM - ISO dimension

Quality & Production
  • CPK capability - Six Sygma - Metrologie - DFM

  • FMEA - Ichikawa (5M) - PERT - Pareto


ISO 13485 - ISO 58000 - ISO 2464 - ISO 02352 - ISO 9001 - Kensington - IP - IK - HF - Damp Heat - Drop - VRT - VTH


11 avenue Edouard DROZ



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